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Project modules and depedencies :

API documentation

Documentation on demand

Mail to me what you need !

Project overview

For an overview of this project, see (sorry, it's in french) :
Signature électroniques dans les applications INTERNET (PDF file 1,21 MB)

Command line

To sign two documents "Contract.doc" and "annexe.doc" to "sig.xml":
java -cp %APPLET_DIST_DIR%/WebSignProject.jar be.cardon.sign.SignFiles -s sig.xml contrat.doc annexe.doc
To verify a signature "sig.xml":
java -cp %APPLET_DIST_DIR%/WebSignProject.jar be.cardon.sign.VerifySignature sig.xml

THe %APPLET_BUILD_DIR% is the directory appletbuild\dist
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