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Project modules and depedencies :

Modules (Java sources and binaries)

CryptoAPI module (32 bits only)

Java CryptoAPI Provider (See what is CryptoAPI)
Works only on 32 bits Windows version (Windows Vista 64 bit is not supported yet).
The downloads include :

Bug 'wrong structure size' resolved on Windows Vista.

Added PIN functionality

XadES module

Java implementation of ETSI XML Advanced Signature (XadES) version 1.3.2, based on Apache XML Security library.
Warning : the implementation is not complete, has a lot of bugs, and is in active development.

WebSign applet

Java WebSign applet (main module) that uses the other modules.

X509 extensions module

Java Read/write extensions in X509 certificates (not yet for CRL).
Requires Bouncy Castle.

Certificate Viewer module

Java X509 certificate viewer with extensions capability.
This module is partially implemented and is based on JXplorer, an LDAP browser with integrated certificate viewer.
Download not yet available.
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