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Welcome in the "WebSign Project" for Java

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- Demo - Try the WebSign applet with a simple form.
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- License - This software is opensource.
- Contact - Rodolphe CARDON DE LICHTBUER
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The goals of the WebSign Project are the development of
- a tool to sign a document online (in your browser) using Java applet technology, with a private key from software or hardware tokens like smart cards,
- a software that signs and verifies signatures of files, that every citizen can use for private or professional domain with his electronic identity card,
- a Java library for XadES, using the existing Apache XML Security library,
- a Java cryptographic provider to access the Microsoft CryptoAPI.

This project is part of an end work from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels (Belgium).

Current Project status

CryptoAPI : beta version
WebSign applet : beta version
XadES library : alpha version


A client fills a form and sends it to the server. The server creates a 'document' (one or more files), in PDF, HTML or other format. Then the client downloads the applet. This applet looks like a wizard that

Applet features


View of the "select key" wizard panel:

WebSign signature panel


-CryptoAPIProvider for Java:

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